Samsung Omnia 7 finally gets NoDo !

Omnia 7 Nodo

Well its about time! It seems the technical issues are finally sorted. The Samsung Omnia 7 is finally getting the Windows Phone 7 NoDo update. It’s been a long hard road for Omnia7 owners, having to watch every other WP7 device get copy and paste before them.

Initially the delay was the carriers fault, in Australia it was Optus that was keeping NoDo from the Omnia7 for ‘testing’. When an update issue was discovered, it was then pulled by Microsoft. Samsung and Microsoft worked together to resolve the issue. So in the middle of May, Omnia 7 owners now get the WP7 March update.

Omnia 7 Nodo

The NoDo update for Samsung’s Omnia7 took around 10 minutes and completed successfully. The phone now feels a little snappier, benefitting from faster app launching and copy and paste included in the update.

Omnia 7 Nodo

More info @ WindowsPhone

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