Skype for the iPad released..did u get it before it was pulled ?

Skype for iPad

Update: 11:18PM – Skype is now back in the App Store, not sure what they could have fixed in that short window. Most likely a show stopper bug they had to fix before it was released to the masses.

Apparently someone over Skype hit the go button before it was ready, but this afternoon some quick fingered Skypers were able to download the Skype iPad app. Skype even went as far as publishing a YouTube video promoting the app, before pulling it a hour or so later.

News of Skype for iPad’s availability spread quickly online, which resulted in some confused users who went searching unsuccessfully in the app store. Skype confirmed the app had been pulled via their official twitter account.


Those of us lucky enough to grab the app before it was pulled can still use it. The app generally works as expected (big iPhone version). Users can be logged into the iPad version and desktop versions at the same time, this means you can leave one and pickup on the other, right from where you left.

Maybe Skype was right to pull the app.. I did find myself in a scenario where the only way out of a full-screen chat window was to force quit the app. Was your trigger finger fast enough ? If so, what do you think ?

If not, check out this gallery.

View Skype for iPad on Flickr.

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