So you’re buying a Tesla Model 3, what accessories should you get?

Production of the first RHD Tesla Model 3s destined for Australia are scheduled to come off the production line any day now. Once that happens, they’ll fill a ship with them and send them on the long journey from the US to Australia.

If you’ve ordered a Model 3, an August delivery timeline means things are getting real and to make sure you’re properly ready to take delivery, it’s time to consider which accessories you should add to your car.

Given the car has been available in other countries for a while now, third party accessories developers have had plenty of time to create lots of options for us. Given the Model 3 is a very different car compared to the Model S or X, many of these will need to be imported until local outlets can set up their own supply channels or build their own products for Australia.

Disclaimer here, I haven’t owned or reviewed any of these products, so buy at your own risk.

1. Wireless charging pad

The Model 3 comes with a dual-phone dock, complete with dual-USB ports and wiring path to make a clean installation for almost any modern phone. This dock uses standard USB-C for Android or Lightning for iPhones and in 2019, we can go one better.

Chances are you have a wireless charging dock on your bedside table and the thought of connecting your phone seems fairly antiquated. Thankfully there are Model 3 Qi-compatible (wireless charging standard) accessories that can switch the standard cable option for completely wireless charging.

This costs US$89 and is available from here or the official Tesla version is available for US$125 from Tesla.

2. Floor mats

The Model 3 comes with carpet floors and even with the best intentions, you’ll almost certainly destroy that carpet over time. It’s best to protect your floors with floor mats, the same is true in any vehicle, but with the Model 3, don’t forget to protect the frunk.

My choice would be the All-weather mats which cost US$145 +delivery from Tesla direct. The frunk costs US$70 + delivery and the rear trunk costs US$130 +delivery from Tesla.

3. Wall charger

This accessory resides outside your car, but comes inside it. That’s right, when you pickup your Tesla Model 3, it’ll actually have a wall charger included. This needs to be installed by a licenced electrician, preferably one familiar with the process.

This charger will allow you to leave your portable 240v charger in your car, acting as a backup for trips away, while nightly charging could be done from the wall charger.

The default wall charger comes in Silver, but Tesla also sells it in a gloss black finish which may fit better with your garage colour scheme.

This costs US$500 +delivery and installation, but remember, you’re getting on included.

4. Console wrap

The center console of the Model 3 is finished in a glossy black. This looks great, but is renowned for being a fingerprint magnet and often collects dust. It’s easy to predict you’ll get sick of cleaning this fairly quickly, so many Model 3 owners have taken to wrapping this with matt black or carbon fibre wraps.

This costs US$53.99 from Taptes.

5. Dash wrap

Those who wanted the white interior (me included), were not only interested in white seats, but also may prefer a different dash trim colour than the included wood finish that comes with the black interior.

This is another interior element that commonly gets the wrap treatment and the options here are lengthy. Personally, I’d match it with whatever you do to the console to give it a ‘from factory’ look.

Available for US$997 from RPM Tesla or US$9.99 from Taptes.

6. Automatic frunk/trunk lift kits

It is weird that a car that costs this much doesn’t already have a powered bonnet and boot or frunk/trunk. Thankfully the community has a solution, just replace the gas struts with slightly more powerful ones.

These cost US$49.95, available here.

7. Door Button Stickers

Tesla implemented some irregular door handles on the Model 3 and that makes it confusing for newbies to work them. While you’ll probably fine to tell people how to use the exterior door handles, you can save yourself from answering the same question repeatedly. These interior door button stickers make it clear to passengers where the button is to open the door.

These cost just US$2.99 from Taptes.

8. Dual-deck for Center console

If you have OCD and love to organise everything, then you can pick up this dual-layer center console insert that allows you to ensure everything stays in its place when you stand on it.

Engineered exactly to fit in the center console, while still allowing access to the USB ports, this is one of my favourite accessories that makes the most out of the storage area available.

This costs US$39.95 from Evannex.

9. Aero Wheel Cap Kit

If you buy the Model 3 SR+ or Model 3 Performance, you’ll get 18″ rims with the aero cover. Only if you opt up for the Performance Upgrade (known as Performance+) will you get the bigger 20″ rims. This means plenty of Model 3 owners have a choice to make, leave the aero covers on (this is my plan) or remove them and add this accessory.

The 18″ rims actually look pretty decent without the aero cover, finished in a matt-grey paint. Doing this will slightly hurt aerodynamic efficiency and therefore range, but some people prioritise aesthetics. If that’s you, then you’ll want to grab the cap kit which includes wheel stud covers and a center cap with the Tesla logo emblazoned on it.

This kit includes 4 x Tesla logo wheel caps, 20 x Wheel Lug Caps, 1 x Lug Nut Cover Puller and costs US$50 from Tesla.

10. Windscreen Shade

Sure, it’s winter now and you’re probably not thinking about 45 degree summer days, but it will come. The Tesla Model 3 should have fairly decent sun protection, built right into the glass, but there’s no doubt blocking the heat entering the vehicle will help comfort when entering the vehicle on a hot day.

The humble windscreen sunshade is available as an accessory to the Model 3. Given the unique large windscreen, it’s likely any existing ones you have lying around won’t fit.

This one is available for US$39.95 + delivery and shipping from Amazon.

11. Chrome Delete

The aesthetics of the vehicle are a very individual thing, but some people simply have a preference to ditch the chrome. A chrome delete removes all the chrome by wrapping over the top of it. This includes the window surrounds, the mirrors, the door handles etc.

This is available from RPM Tesla from US$849.

12. Carbon Fibre Spoiler

If you can’t justify the cost to add the Performance upgrade to your Model 3 purchase, then maybe you’d like to add that Carbon fibre spoiler to the trunk. Aftermarket versions are popping up everywhere. Sure it won’t give you Track Mode, unlock a higher top speed, or the red brake callipers, but you will have the spoiler.

This one costs US$169.99 from Taptes and is available in gloss or matt finishes.

13. Full body kit

If you buy a Model 3 and still have plenty of money to burn, then you may be looking for ways to make your car unique. One of the best ways to do that is a full bodykit for the car.

This crazy kit known as the Vorsteiner Volta includes 4 pieces, the carbon fiber front lip spoiler, rear diffuser, side skirts and trunk spoiler.

It costs US$7,280.00 from EV Tuning, then you’ve got to ship it here and have it installed. This mod is easily the most serious accessory you can get for your Model 3.

14. Rims

Aftermarket rims are one of the best ways to have that individual, modified look. The stud pattern of the Model 3 is 5 x 114.3mm with a +40 offset. While you could track down rims almost anywhere to fit that, you really want to be sure they’ll fit over the Model 3 Performance+ brake calipers.

tsportline have a decent range of rims, including some that are very similar to Tesla official turbines. These range in price from US$1,240 right up to US$5,400 for a set of 4.

15. Puddle lights

When you open your door at night, the Model 3, like many cars (we seen this in the Mustang) has puddle lights. These lights project down to the ground from your door and the idea is to light your way so you don’t step in puddles.

One of the easiest, simplest upgrades you can do is to replace the stock puddle lights with custom Tesla logos and RPM Tesla has some decent options for US$49.50 for a pair.

If you have some mods in mind for your Model 3, then please leave a comment below and I’ll add the best ones to the list.

Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwright
Creator of techAU, Jason has spent the dozen+ years covering technology in Australia and around the world. Bringing a background in multimedia and passion for technology to the job, Cartwright delivers detailed product reviews, event coverage and industry news on a daily basis. Disclaimer: Tesla Shareholder from 20/01/2021


  1. Surprised you didn’t include a glass roof mesh sunscreen. With our 40 plus summer heatwaves, it will be one of my first investments even if not very dear.

  2. Hi Jason,
    The links in your article are for Tesla in the US and do not give an option for Australian delivery. Is there any way around this?

  3. Hi Jason… thanks for the excellent list! A question on the mats – they appear to be for LHD; have you come across any good ones for RHD as yet? SR+ on order so these will be a must!

    Also suggest protection against wheel rash, which I’ve read is pretty common…

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