Sony 3D loan system in 12 stores, borrow free for 3 days


With any new technology, there’s always the chicken and egg issue. Consumers won’t buy until a technology is established and businesses won’t invest seriously without strong consumer support. 3D is still in its early stages and falls firmly in this category. Essentially someone has to give, put money on the line and take a chance. Sometimes its early adopters, in this case, it’s Sony.


Sony are rolling out a loan program in 12 Sony Centres around Australia, starting today. By loaning out 3D content creation devices, they hope that those who have 3DTVs will have content to show off to friends and help spread the word. The available products to loan are:

  • 3D Handycam HDR-TD10 camcorder
  • Alpha NEX C3 camera, with 3D Sweep Panorama function
  • Cyber-shot WX7S still camera, with 3D Sweep Panorama function
  • 3D Bloggie camera
  • 3D Sony Pictures films
  • 3D PlayStation games

Loan items are available for up to 3 days and will be free of charge. There’s no doubt some terms and conditions that aren’t explained in the press release like insurance and photo ID registration. Still if you have a 3DTV and live near one of the 12 stores, it sounds like a great initiative. Is it likely to move the scale on 3D sales, not likely.

Sadly the Sony Personal 3D Viewer isn’t on the list, but is also available for a demonstration in-store.


Alongside the Sony 3D Library, Sony has produced a 3D short film project, called 24:3D. Directed by Tom Gleeson and Glenn Fraser, the film explores life in Australia over a 24 hour period and crowd sourced talent to showcase real life events. Designed to inspire Australians about what they can capture for themselves in 3D, 24:3D has been filmed using a 3D Handycam camcorder from Sony. The film will be available to view in store at Sony Centre.

More @ Sony Australia via Engadget

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