Sony announce the SmartWatch 2


There’s been a lot of talk about major players entering the wearable category, but other than Google’s experiment with Glass, we’ve actually seen very little. Now here comes Sony with a Android smartphones-powered smart watch. 

It looks sleek and is water-resistant, designed to survive an active lifestyle The watch will launch with hundreds of apps to keep you informed and entertained while you are on the go, keeping active, at home, relaxing to music, at work or even by the pool.

Sony says it’ll bring a range of phone notifications and events, like SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Gmail, missed calls and more, right to your wrist. The ultimate goal of course is to minimise the amount of time we’re pulling our phone out of our pockets for basic information.

Sony’s SmartWatch 2 goes on sale in September this year.

Via Digital Trends

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