Sony introduce first consumer Video-SLR

It’s not often we see brand new technology in the industry, especially in a category that’s existed for so long. Video cameras are nothing new, but a interchangeable lens system is just plain disruptive. Still cameras have offered the ability to switch out lenses for different situations for a long time, Sony’s EX-VG10 takes that same idea and introduces it to video cameras. This allows videographers to use the right for lens for the right situation, giving ultimate control.

The camera shoots in full 1920×1080 high definition video at up to 24Mbps, which will chew up your 32GB SDHC/SDXC in 4 hours flat. It seems like a waste, but if you want to snap some stills, you’ll get 14.2 megapixels to play with. There’s also an array of microphones, hopefully resulting in some usable audio, something often not common with consumer camcorders.

The Sony EX-VG10 goes on pre-sale in the US tomorrow for US$2000, which really puts it into the prosumer category.

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