Super Mario Bros Wonder launched on Nintendo Switch today, a modern side scroller for a new generation

    Today, the latest edition in the incredibly successful Mario Bros franchise launched on Nintendo Switch. With Super Mario Bros Wonder, the game goes back to its roots, where it all began, with a side scroller, but updated for the modern era, with great graphics and brand new worlds to explore.

    Playing Super Mario Bros. is a really fond memory from my childhood, with many, many hours spent on the wired NES controller. What I loved about it the most was its ability to wrap a problem-solving challenge set into a fun and engaging game. These challenges forced you to face adversity and overcome it with persistence and when you succeeded, the reward was a flood of endorphins that had you coming back time and time again.

    I’m now 41, but my daughter is 5 and the original was released in Australia in 1987, when I was 5. This makes it a perfect time to introduce her to Super Mario Bros Wonder, so this morning we digitally downloaded it on the Nintendo Switch.

    We’ve had a Switch for a few years now and this portable, dockable platform really shows its strength when it comes to playing a game like this. For some of the morning, we would take turns, passing the Switch between us as we each played a level while relaxing on the couch. We then decided to try multiplayer (the game supports up to 4 players) by docking it and connecting the game to the big screen. This dual-purpose gameplay is really impressive and allows you to enjoy games like this across multiple screens.

    After playing the game for a couple of hours, I’m glad to report this is a really fun and refreshingly new take on the classic. There’s a lot that feels familiar to those who’ve chased the flag before while offering new graphics, new levels, new characters and that new multiplayer option is worth the price of admission alone.

    One really great example of something new in this game, a delightful gameplay moment, is when you run across a bridge made of music notes, they actually make music which leaves you running back and forward, not because the level demands it, but because it’s fun – nice work Nintendo.

    There are hours of fun on offer here with Super Mario Bros. Wonder and I look forward to spending many more hours with my daughter enjoying it.

    The game is available from all your regular online and retail gaming outlets, but if you’re like me and have gone digital with your game purchases, you can of course download it directly on the Nintendo Switch from the Store for A$79.95.

    Here are some of the features players can experience:

    A Kingdom Teeming with Variety
    The Flower Kingdom is made up of six distinct worlds that circle the Petal Isles, giving players a total of seven areas to explore, including open areas players can walk in freely.

    A World of Wonder
    Every main course contains its very own Wonder Flower, which are often hidden. When players touch a Wonder Flower, a Wonder effect will trigger, causing the course and gameplay to change completely. Pipes might start moving, the terrain may tilt, perspective can change, or players might float through space. There are even Wonders that can transform your character.

    The Gang’s All Here
    With 12 different characters to choose from, players can take on the role of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Blue or Yellow Toad, and even Toadette. They all play in exactly the same way. In addition, players can choose different coloured Yoshis and Nabbit, who won’t take damage, so they’re a smart choice if players are looking for a more easy-going experience.

    Plenty of Power-ups
    Super Mario Bros. Wonder features the debut of three new power-ups on top of familiar powers. The Elephant form allows players to smash through blocks, flick away enemies, and even suck up and spray water with their trunk. The Bubble form allows players to blow floating bubbles that can be used to capture enemies from a distance. The Drill form makes dealing with spiky or hard-headed enemies a breeze. It also allows players to burrow and move through the ground (or into the ceiling).

    A Bounty of Badges
    As the adventure progresses, players will be able to earn a variety of different in-game badges, each with their own special abilities. Make use of aerial gliding, aquatic speed boosts, super-high jumps and more. Some badges will also give players useful bonuses, such as an extra Super Mushroom, bonus coins for defeating enemies, or the ability to detect hidden items in courses.

    Share the fun
    Gather up to three friends in local multiplayer*. Players can revive each other’s ghosts, or even have Yoshi players give others a ride. While playing online**, players can see which courses their friends are in and join the same ones. Play courses normally or turn certain courses into a race. Even when playing solo online, it’s possible to encounter live player shadows and special standees placed by online players. Touch them to revive or leave your own standee to help others.

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    Jason Cartwright
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