Surface 2 pre orders are live, dock listed for $5k


If the Surface 2 announcement this morning, sold on Microsoft’s one device to rule them all strategy, then get ready. The Surface 2 pre-orders have just gone live (thanks @WP_Down. You can get into a Surface 2 for AU$529 (that won’t run your traditional desktop apps, but does come with Office.

The Surface Pro 2 will start at AU$1,019, if you progress through the checkout, you’ll see that it ships for free by October 21. One of the Surface’s new tricks is the ability to dock. That accessory unfortunately won’t be available until Early 2014.

Apparently that dock is pretty expensive.. what is clearly a mistake, the docking station is listed as $5,000.00 inc. GST.


Looks like Microsoft realised their mistake and have removed the price completely –

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