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    How to get SpaceX Starlink for just $1

    If you're in Australia and are unhappy with your current internet offering, then it may be worth considering the new Starlink deal. Starlink is offering a 30-day trial of the service for just A$1. As you can probably guess, there's more to the story. The $1 is an inviting number to get you started and if you don't like it, you can send it...

    AI-powered dashcam to combat driver distraction and fatigue

    Distracted driving and fatigue is a massive challenge on our roads and Teletrac Navman has announced a device to reduce the occurrences in an effort to reduce accidents and save lives. Avoiding driver distraction, cell phone usage, and drowsy driver detection is possible thanks to its AI-powered dashcam and video telematics solution, the IQ Camera, for fleet safety. AI-powered video telematics solutions leverage advanced algorithms to monitor...

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