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    Logitech’s Pro Racing Wheel Released in ’22, but where are the wheel choices?

    Logitech shook up the sim racing scene when it launched the Pro Racing Wheel and Pedals back in 2022, the brand's first entry into the powerful direct drive space, the Pro Wheel offered incredible realism and precision. However, as time has gone on, one question continues to linger among Pro Racing Wheel owners: Where are the additional wheel options? The Logitech Pro Racing Wheel's quick-release...

    How to get SpaceX Starlink for just $1

    If you're in Australia and are unhappy with your current internet offering, then it may be worth considering the new Starlink deal. Starlink is offering a 30-day trial of the service for just A$1. As you can probably guess, there's more to the story. The $1 is an inviting number to get you started and if you don't like it, you can send it...

    Arrival’s ‘Lucas challenge’ tests if their AI race car can beat Formula champion Lucas Di Grassi

    Autonomous cars are coming and they could be great at racing too.

    ARRIVAL showcases microfactories, making electric buses and vans on demand

    Arrival is the latest hot EV startup and have a very different take on manufacturing.