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    Tesla vindicated as data shows Agrawal lied about Melbourne hit and run, car was NOT on Autopilot

    Today, Tesla has been vindicated in a multi-year legal battle in Victoria. In March 2022, Sakshi Agrawal claimed her Tesla was on Autopilot when she struck a nurse boarding a tram in Melbourne. After the accident she drove off and was later charged with dangerous driving causing serious injury, failure to stop at the scene of an accident and failure to render assistance. ABC has...

    Logitech’s Pro Racing Wheel Released in ’22, but where are the wheel choices?

    Logitech shook up the sim racing scene when it launched the Pro Racing Wheel and Pedals back in 2022, the brand's first entry into the powerful direct drive space, the Pro Wheel offered incredible realism and precision. However, as time has gone on, one question continues to linger among Pro Racing Wheel owners: Where are the additional wheel options? The Logitech Pro Racing Wheel's quick-release...

    Australia Post buys 1,000 more electric motorbikes, 4,000 electric pushbikes

    Australia Post spend a crazy amount of staff and equipment to deliver mail (and parcels) to your house daily. While staff are essential to...