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    Zendesk now lets business support customers using WhatsApp

    Zendesk is used by more than 160,000 businesses around the world to help support internal and external customers. While the company has a strong background in service desk tickets, more recently they’ve been working on supporting faster, real-time communication. Today Zendesk has announced they are helping businesses provide real-time...
  • Microsoft Teams goes full Brady Bunch rolling out 3×3 video calls

    Microsoft Teams is facing some serious competition from Zoom and Zoom offering a Gallery View that displayed as many as 49 participants, the 2×2 offering from Teams simply wasn’t sufficient. Today Microsoft are rolling out an improvement to Teams that offers a 3×3 layout, delivering the full brady bunch...
  • Tesla adds chat to website, powered by Twilio

    Tesla has joined many companies in offering online chat to their list of support options. When you visit the chat experience is in the bottom right of the screen and can be used to connect to a Tesla support agent. A quick look under the hood and Tesla...
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