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    REVIEW: Dreame X40 Ultra makes vacuum cleaning look classy

    Today, Dreame are launching their latest robot vacuum into Australia and I've had early access to the new X40 Ultra. The business case for a robot vacuum is quite an easy one, it's a robot that will automate one of the most unrewarding, relentless tasks of cleaning your floors. While there's lots of products on the market that will fulfil the basic task, those...

    DJI launches Software-Defined Radio Transmission for Commercial Video

    DJI launched a new video transmission system to make advanced software-defined radio (SDR) technology more accessible. Designed for small and medium-sized film crews, the latest DJI SDR Transmission offers enhanced stability, strong interference resistance, and robust penetration capabilities. For instances that require temporary monitoring, it can support Wi-Fi transmissions simultaneously, giving filmmakers the flexibility they need on set. "Since the beginning, we intended our DJI PRO...

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