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    Australian Viewers Get Early Access to New BBC Shows via Britbox

    BritBox Australia streaming service will be the new place for Australian audiences to view premieres of some of the biggest shows from BBC Studios, picking up fan favourites Death in Paradise, Call The Midwife and Silent Witness when BBC First exits Foxtel, Binge and Fetch in a few days on July 31st 2024. In early June news broke that most BBC channels (BBC Earth, BBC...

    Llama 3.1: A 405 Billion parameter AI Model that’s revolutionizing language understanding

    Today, Mark Zuckerberg introduced the world to Llama 3.1, a collection of openly available models. Llama 3.1 includes upgraded versions of their Large Language Models. This collection includes their 8 Billion parameters model, their 70 Billion parameter model, and their flagship Llama 3.1 model with a massive 405 Billion parameters. This 405B is the largest and most capable openly available foundation model. These models are multilingual...

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