Telstra launches new unlimited data BYO plan! 40GB uncapped for $69.

Those longstanding customers on Telstra will remember when data caps were prohibitively restrictive. With amazing smartphones in our pockets and smart devices all around us, having the right amount of mobile data to power those mobile experiences is imperative.

Today, Telstra have announced their first smartphone plan with unlimited data. Technically you get 40GB of data and then it gets shaped, but that shaping is 1.5Mbps which isn’t actually that bad for most content. At that speed, you can use as much music, web browsing, social media etc. 40GB is many multiples of what average users use, but this is clearly aimed at removing the need to think about data at all, just use what you want and know you’ll have enough data in your plan to accommodate it.

The new Telstra Endless Data BYO plan is available from May 3rd (just 2 days time) and will cost just A$69 per month on a 12 month plan. That incredibly affordable considering just a year or two ago, 1-2GB easily cost that much. Competition in Australia’s mobile landscape is extremely developed, meaning the move from Telstra is likely a reaction to maintaining marketshare while catering for increasing consumer demand for data.

Personally I consider myself a heavy user and currently pay $50 for 11GB per month (current plan available is 15GB for $49pm). I’ve just purchased a Huawei P20 Pro and when that arrives, I’ll be chewing through much more data, thanks to its significantly better camera creating much larger photos that I’ll backup and share online. I’m fairly confident, I’ll be making the move to this plan, its perfect for me, nearly 4x the data (uncapped) for just A$19pm more.

The plan includes unlimited calls, sms and mms to Australian numbers. You’ll also get the standard goodies like access to Telstra Air hotspots and streaming AFL, NRL and Netball games.

As we head towards 5G, we all know data consumption will only continue to rise and this new plan from Telstra is a great step towards that.. now, can I have a 2nd or 3rd SIM as part of the plan please.

Via Matthew Wu.

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