Telstra revamp consumer data caps, massive increases


Today Telstra continued its march into competitiveness with a revamp of its mobile data caps. These changes only affect consumer plans, but are available to new and existing customers. Some deals seen the download cap increase by 500%, making for a very competitive offering. No longer are Telstra going for the ‘premium price on a premium network’ model, but rather great prices to get as many customers as they can. After strong competition in this space, the choice to change tact was inevitable if Telstra wanted to stop customers form jumping ship.

While the headline of the blog post announcing the new caps was related to using more social networking, the fact is that more data can be used in any way you like. As commenters point out, its still important to make sure you don’t use more than your allocated amount to avoid overage fees.

Pay as you go


Cap plans


As you can see from the tables above, the entry level changes increase data limits from 200MB to 1GB, that’s a 5x increase. This also means the pay as you go plan be reduced to $10 per GB.

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