Telstra’s largest ever network stress test is today with free data


After the network interruption last Tuesday, Telstra is offering free data today, for the whole day, for everyone. The free mobile data is available from midnight to midnight and amazingly has no data limit. Basically the data logged against your account for the date of 14/02/16 will be erased from your account.

As the country’s largest network, with the largest customer base, this will be the largest stress test of a mobile network in Australia. Whether you’re on a personal or business account, pre-paid or post-paid, mobile, tablet or mobile broadband plan, you will automatically receive free data.

If you’ve ever experienced congestion on the network through normal usage, expect Valentine’s Day to have mixed results depending on the density of people and devices around you.

Obviously people will be keen to capitalise on this unique opportunity for free data and will likely see many tether their mobile with their PC to download even more content.

To show how sorry we are for the inconvenience this caused, we’re giving our Telstra mobile customers free mobile data within Australia this Sunday.

Telstra has a good handle on what average daily usage looks like and understand what % capacity of their network infrastructure is in use. Today however, there is no data on how many Megabytes, Gigabytes or Terabtyes users will blow through. No doubt internal projections would try to predict the tsunami, but only at midnight tonight will we know just how their network holds up under this immense load, the biggest stress test possible.

If you’re wondering if its just downloads that are free, you’ll be glad to know uploads are also included. This means if you’ve been waiting to do some online backups, or throw up some 4K videos to YouTube, today could be your day.

You can read through more of the Q&A around the free data on CrowdSupport.

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