Telstra’s multi-device data share plans are a rip-off


Telstra launched their long awaited multi-device plans today. Finally a recognition that we don’t just have a single device in our pocket, but rather that we have many connected devices in our lives. From smart phones, yep some of us have multiple, to tablets and even 4G enabled laptops and USB dongles, we need data when living mobile.

Whether it’s to service your personal needs or your work ones, you can now pay to use one account across multiple devices. Before I start the breakdown, let me just say that this does still beat buying separate plans per device, hands down, by a mile.

So now for the bad news. Instead of flipping the digital switch to enable multiple SIM cards to connect to one account, Telstra will charge you for the privilege. Not once, but for each device, each month. Yep, for some that costs Telstra essentially nothing, they’re going to milk $20 per month from you. The only people this makes sense to is Telstra Shareholders.

Let’s be honest, nobody really makes calls anymore, so lets talk data. Normally, your $60/m plan will get you 1GB of data transfer which of course includes uploads and downloads. To enable data share on your account, that’ll cost you $10/m and to add another SIM, that’s another $10/m, so you’re now at $80/m for just 1.1GB of data.

Naturally with two devices you’ll burn through far more data than a single device, so the already low 1GB is inadequate. For the first 12 months Telstra are offering an addition 1GB, but after that, you’ll be returned to the same ridiculously small 1.1GB per month.

When we imagined a multi-device plan, this is not even close. Let’s hope the competition can do better and pressure Telstra to reconsider the price gouge.


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