Tesla are retrofitting Superchargers with faster CCS Type-2 connectors

EV charging standards are a joke. With the world unable to agree, we’ve ended up with different plugs for different vehicles. To make matters more complex, as recharging and battery technology improves, we can now recharge faster, with more powerful chargers (up to 350kW) (and batteries that can handle it).

Tesla got tired of waiting and rolled their own infrastructure around the world for Model S and Model X vehicles. As Model 3 vehilces started shipping they were compatible with the Tesla connector, but it seems the plan of having other automakers adopt Tesla’s open-sourced charging standard is officially dead.

Instead, Tesla are moving new models of their Model 3 to the newer, CCS Type-2 charging standard and we’ve seen photos online of Tesla’s with dual-charging ports, the Tesla standard and Combined Charging System (CCS) and as Tesla begins European sales of the Model 3, this looks set to continue.

New Superchargers being built now are going in with the dual-charging standard, to support the new CCS Type-2 on Model 3 and presumably the Model X and S will get refreshes to add the same shortly.

With Tesla already having rolled out thousands of Superchargers across the world, the question now becomes, will they retrofit existing superchargers with dual connectors. Today, we have confirmation they are.

While we don’t know how broad this program is, it’s no doubt expensive to go back and modify existing Superchargers, rather than having an acute focus on rolling out more.

These images come from a Tesla Forum user in France and we can see the sides of the Supercharger panels being removed, the new double cable on the ground, ready to be installed.

Side note, when the Model 3 does arrive in Australia in the second half of this year, don’t be surprised to see it support CCS Type-2 as well. This will actually assist owners in travelling around Australia, with Chargefox rolling out a large recharging network in Australia supporting the CCS Type-2 standard. While Tesla owners would pay to play at these locations, it does provide additional options.

The Jaguar iPace for example, already uses this newer CCS2 standard.

Via Model 3 Owner’s Club on Twitter.

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