Tesla finally adds browser to Australian vehicles with OTA software update

We generally think of Tesla as a global company that ships their vehicle with 1 significant difference, left or right hand drive. With the Model 3’s central display, this offers the least amount of customisation of any vehicle, given language differences are simply software adapted to each market.

There has been some legal complexities in the UK that have meant some of the Autopilot and FSD functions are limited, but for the most part, a Tesla Model 3 basically does the same thing wherever you buy it.

Australian’s have long been frustrated at Tesla’s decision to not make the browser available.

Thankfully that has just changed with Tesla Motor Club member LDCRS reporting he received the 2019.32 update which finally includes a web browser.

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The app draw features Calendar, Energy, Camera, Charging and Calling (soon to be browser)

The update notes read:

Web Browser

The Web browser app allows you to access the internet while your car is in PARK. Search for or navigate to any website by entering the URL in the address bar. Easily return to a website by adding it to your Favourites using the heart icon.

That’s great news for Tesla owners and Model 3 owners who will begin receiving their vehicles this week. The feature has been long overdue for Australian customers.

After reviewing the Jaguar I-Pace, I reached out to Tesla to find out why they couldn’t offer the same. Thankfully that has now been addressed.

Once we get Tesla’s are driving themselves and we’re searching for things to do, then browsing the web seems like a great option.

LDCRS does note that a visit to https://youtube.com was not successful as the browser can’t currently play HTML5 video. With Tesla’s expected shift to Chromium as the rendering engine for their in-car browser, this will likely get solved.

In the short term, we await V10 of the software which will ship with a YouTube and Netflix app, also solving this issue.

Until then Tesla owners can distract themselves by reading email, browsing reddit, or checking Facebook while they wait for their vehicles to recharge.

Thanks for the tip TeslaStraya.

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