Tesla’s latest FSD video shows Model 3 driving streets, dealing with intersections is a breeze.

On the back of Tesla’s Autonomy event for analysts (and the world) today, the company has released a video that showcases the current capabilities of their self-driving technology.

The video is shot in a Tesla Model 3 and shows a human experiencing one of the most boring drives in history. That’s really the point, that the tech is getting so good at understanding and responding to the real world that humans aren’t required for less and less of the task list of controlling and navigating a vehicle safely from point A to point B.

With a destination entered into the nav, the car is seen navigating city streets, taking turns at T-intersections, as well as stopping at red lights at an intersection with traffic lights.

The car goes on to take the freeway entrance and and exists, automatically changing lanes and merging where required. The car encounters intersections with a stop signs, and a give way sign and successfully navigates both.

When the car arrives at the destination, it even shifts itself into Park.

Many of these features are not currently available to Model 3 owners, however, Elon Musk confirmed that all vehicles now shipping are leaving the factory with Autopilot 3 hardware, which includes all the cameras, sensors and compute power to enable full autonomy.

With the hardware sorted, you hear Musk boldly claim that they’ll have the software ready by the end of this year and maybe you’re sceptical. The video below shows they’re well on track to accomplish that goal.

If you’re betting against the company, that’s a brave move at this point, this legitimately looks like the future of autonomous vehicles.

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