The high-tech Tesla Tiny House

    The tiny house movement is a global one of downsizing counters the natural trajectory of building larger and larger homes. There’s a great series on the US-based A+E Network called Tiny House Nation. This takes you inside the scene, explaining the creative ways people are living in houses smaller than a single room of a McMansion.

    Australia has their own version of the TV show on the Lifestyle channel, Tiny House Australia. There’s 8 episodes showcase great examples of this movement occurring in Australia. Whether its a focus on efficient living, or a necessity for budget reasons, tiny house living often means living off the grid.

    If you have the whole responsibility for providing power to your home, you need to get creative and a newer approach is to leverage solar panels on the limited roof space, store the power and potentially recharge you’re electric car.

    The only company on the planet that offers a complete end-to-end solution is Tesla. While they don’t currently offer solar panels in Australia (they will), they’re putting on a showcase of their technology using a Tiny House on a trailer. The roof has a a 2kW, 6 panel system that feeds power to the home, with the excess stored in a Powerwall battery hanging on the side, for use at night, or when the sun isn’t shining. If you decide to get mobile, you can tow the whole thing after having recharged your Model X from the Powerwall, which all adds up to one hell of an example of what’s possible.

    There’s no doubt the purchase price is steep, so this move would likely be one of a lifestyle choice in Australia, or someone with a postcode in Sydney who’s given up on saving a deposit for a $2 million postage stamp of an apartment.

    On the 15th of August (tomorrow), Federation Square in Melbourne will play host to said home on a trailer. The general public will get to step inside and explore the tiny house powered by 100% renewable energy.

    There’ll be Tesla energy experts on hand to discuss how Powerwall and solar (currently provided by a partner) can seamlessly integrate to power an entire home 24/7, protect your home from a grid outage, and reduce your energy bills.

    You will need to register, as there’s really not a lot of space inside the tiny home, to attend. Melbourne is actually the first of a few stops on the Tiny House Tour around Australia.

    • Melbourne, VIC – Aug 14 – 15
    • Melbourne, VIC – Aug 17 – 20
    • Randwick, NSW Sept 3
    • Brisbane, QLD – Sept 8 – 10
    • Adelaide, SA – Sept 20 – Oct 2
    • Lane Cove, NSW – Oct 8
    • Sydney, NSW – Oct 27 – 29

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    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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