The LG G6 has a wacky 18:9 aspect ratio

    LG have just officially announced the G6. Their latest smartphone has a very clear difference to everything else on the market, a completely bonkers 18:9 display (2880 x 1440). Most of the press conference was spent justifying this decision, but ultimately they’ve tried to innovate on something that wasn’t broken, instead creating an issue.

    The issue is displaying content designed for 16:9 on a 19:9 display would result in black bars on the side of the content. LG’s solution is to zoom (and crop) the content, so you miss out. Just to clarify, here’s a list of common screen resolutions, take a note, you won’t find 18:9 there.

    The phone packs in a 5.7″ display in 5.2″ body, maximising usable screen real estate, while keeping the body small to easily fit in your pocket. Expect to see this trend a lot during this year’s Mobile World Congress announcements. LG made a lot about understanding their users and adjusting the design based on that feedback, but ultimately the phone looks very familiar, like any other smartphone on the market today. Its hard to see the G6 really moving the needle for LG.

    During the announcement, Dolby confirmed its the first smartphone to achieve their Dolby Vision standard. Further more, they also previewed an announcement at MWC from Netflix and Amazon Video will stream Dolby Vision content to mobile devices.

    The phone runs Qualcomm’s 821 processor.

    The LG G6 has a dual 13Megapixel camera with the ability to switch between 82 degree normal view and 100 degree wide angle lens.

    There’s also a relatively small (by Mate9 standards) 3300mAh Battery and the phone will come in 3 colours.

    If you missed the even streaming live, you can rewatch it on LG’s Facebook Page.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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