There are at least 5x Tesla Model 3s in Australia already

Back in August 2018, Tesla brought 3x Model 3 vehicles to Australia to (tease) show off the product to potential buys. Those who reserved a Model 3, got a chance to see the LHD version shipped in from the US.

These cars were located at Tesla stores in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney and after the initial launch were then opened up for the general public to view.

Now we know that at least 2 more Model 3 vehicles are already in Australia. There’s no confirmation yet, but it is believed that these 2 black Model 3s are the first RHD variants.

Earlier today, Bullet1 from the Tesla Motors Club forums shared a couple of photos taken in QLD back on the 22nd of March this year. Yep, apparently, he’d been holding onto that gem of information. The photos show 2 Tesla Model 3’s in black on top of an Australian transporter driving on the left hand side of the road.

Given the angles of the photos it is impossible to confirm if this is the RHD version, but it does match the recent photos from the RVCS website that shows a black RHD Model 3. While the rims on that Model 3 are different, they’re obviously easy to change. The RVCS approval details two different variants of the vehicle, which would explain the two Model 3s on the truck.

What is unknown is why the Model 3 in the first photo (above) has a number of pieces of white tape on its body. These are located in fairly random locations, including under the front headlight, under the side indicator and under the rear door handle. A couple of other surprises for me is that these were covered to hide them and protect them, or that these are the only photos of unreleased cars that have traveled hundreds of kilometers.

In Brisbane the Model 3 on display is silver.

In Sydney the Model 3 on display is red.

And the Model 3 in Melbourne is red.

Today is also the last day of the referral bonus where those who buy a Tesla can net around 6 months (average use) of Supercharging for free. From today, it’ll drop from 7,500km to just 1,500km which is a little hard to stomach given Aussies never got the chance to buy a Model 3 at the higher rate.

The wait for the Australia configuration page continues with no response from Elon Musk after multiple attempts to extract a response via Twitter.

Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwright
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