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One of the most impressive companies at CeBIT 2011 is uRemote. They call it the future of home and commercial automation, I call it – awesome. uRemote allows you control your devices via your mobile phone or tablet. uRemote is available for both home and commercial applications.

uRemote works by sending a command over IP from your controller, to the devices in a number of ways. If the device is IP-controllable, great, if not, there’s a small box that can translate that IP command to IR or RF to get the job done. Over time more and more devices like TV’s, amplifiers, lights, garage doors are all becoming IP-controllable. IP-based commands are obviously preferred as demonstrated light on/off command happened instantly. As your no doubt aware there is a small delay in using the IR blaster, but when working with older devices there’s little choice.

uRemote IR blasteruRemote IR blaster back

To configure the remote device (mobile or tablet), there’s a simple web portal for you to configure devices. There’s hundreds of existing device profiles on there, so adding a new device is pretty straight forward. uRemote are actively developing profiles for more devices as well as adding support for new devices as they are released.

For home users, there are 2 options available. The table below shows the features of each.

HTA – Home Theatre Automation Package Integrated Home Automation Package  
  • Television
  • Projector
  • Apple TV
  • Home Theatre
  • DVD/Blu-Ray
  • PC or Apple Mac
  • Playstation/Xbox
  • Televisions
  • Projectors
  • Apple TV
  • Home Theatres
  • DVD/Blu-Ray
  • PC or Apple Mac
  • Lighting
  • Air- Conditioning
  • Blinds
  • Playstation/Xbox
  • Security
  • Pool
  • Garage Door
  • Plus much more

uRemote integrates with existing Home Automation System running in your Home, such as Creston, Clipsal C-Bus or AMX.

The best part about uRemote is that you can send any device output, to any connected display in your house. It’s like SONOS, but for video and audio. If your down with the spaghetti cable behind your entertainment system, then you’ll be fine to set this up yourself, but should you choose to have installed for you, uRemote also offer installations services as well.

_MG_5757 (1024x683)_MG_5755 (1024x683)

Being demonstrated at CeBIT 2011 was a combination of IP-controlled light, TV, Blue-ray player, PS3, Amplifier. If your heading to CeBIT over the next couple of days, definitely stop by and check out uRemote. In my mind it was one of the most interesting companies on display.

_MG_5751 (1024x683)

More information @ http://uremote.com.au

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