Vertagear launches 800 Series chairs feature RGB, underglow and your logo

Chair maker Vertagear has just released a video of their new 800 series chairs. With 4 chairs in the range, the SL3800, the SL5800, PL4800 and PL6800 represent a range of chairs to support heights and weights up to 163kg and 6 foot 6 inches.

The new chairs feature some very interesting features, including ContourMax lumbar support that helps adapt and support your back during the longest sessions. If you buy the SL5800 or PL4800 from the range come, you’ll have the option to add an RGB LED Kit, perfect to elevate your gaming and streaming setup, this wirelessly controlled LED kit can sync to your game and even feature your own custom logo. For those who want to go even further, there’s a RBG LED Bottom kit to add underglow to your chair, projecting the colour of your choice to the ground, along with a Vertagear logo.

Vertagear offers something they call HygennX uses coffee ground nanotechnology in breathable cloth to deliver natural odor control with quick-drying functionality and silver-coated embroidery to neutralize bacteria growth while prolonging the life of your chair and accessories.

The new Vertagear 800 Series is a bold step towards a revolutionary future of ergonomics as it aims to tackle core health and comfort-related issues plaguing the industry-standard gaming chair.

The new refresh lineup is equipped with Vertagear’s patent-pending ContourMax and VertaAir Seat and promises to tailor itself to each individual’s specific needs to maximize comfort and healthy posture.

The ContourMax Lumbar is Vertagear’s groundbreaking new lumbar support that alleviates tension throughout your body by dynamically contouring itself to your back’s shape and movement, keeping you in a healthy posture no matter how long you sit or jitter around. With the ContourMax, Vertagear looks to prevent pain and health concerns before they become an issue.

The VertaAir Seat boasts features that improve support, comfort and relief chronic of back pain. With a waterfall, wide seat design, it distributes pressure evenly across your thighs, knees, and lower body to prevent blockage of blood circulation throughout your legs.

Additionally, the new seat is embedded with 8 hexagonal air pillars, inspired by Bernoulli’s Principle, designed with smaller air intake tunnels and 4-way air emission tunnels to provide pressure relief for your sit bones and support a healthy back.

The chairs are available to pre-order in the US now with an expected ship date of August 14th. The RGB LED Top Kit costs US$229.99 and the RGB LED Bottom Kit costs US$229.99. The PL4800 which would be my pick, costs US$579.99

More information at Vertagear.

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