VIDEO: Walkthrough and Drive Tesla’s Version 11 Christmas Software Update

    Christmas this year comes with a gift of a new Software Update for Tesla owners. The long-awaited version 11 of the software is now here.

    Is morning Tesla shared the official release notes, which provides more detail on some features, particularly the fact that some aspects, like TikTok and the full-screen visualisation, unfortunately, are not available outside the US.

    Here’s what’s new:

    • Tesla Light Show: Anybody with a computer can now create their own unique Tesla Light Show, no Tesla vehicle required. Using xLights, free open-source software, you can create a light show to perform with any music of your choice. You can then download your show, or shows from other creators, onto a USB flash drive and upload it to your car.

      Light Show also comes pre-loaded with one song for you to enjoy, and works with all new Model S, new Model X, and any Model 3 or Model Y.

      Getting Started Documentation can be found here.
    • New User Interface: Every Model 3 and Model Y, along with legacy Model S and Model X fitted with an Intel Atom® Processor, will receive a fresh digital look that carries over design elements from our new generation Model S and Model X. Several notable features include a customizable app launcher, simplified controls menu and support for a dark mode appearance.
    • Updated Navigation: Our new navigation allows you to hide map details for a clean, simplified look, and you can now add and quickly reorder multiple stops on your route. Your Tesla will automatically update arrival times and battery levels for each destination.
    • Games: We’ve added the original Sonic the Hedgehog to Tesla Arcade for even more excitement and a bit of nostalgia during charging stops. You can now also give your brain a workout with Sudoku, or challenge your friends with The Battle of Polytopia multiplayer.
    • Entertainment: TikTok is now available on the touchscreen and our new Boombox Megaphone allows you to project your voice via your car’s external speaker – perfect for announcing to your friends when it’s time to load up and head out!
    • Audio: For an even better audio experience, there are now five levels of Immersive Audio, including an Auto setting that adapts to the content you’re playing, and you can adjust subwoofer output independently to get just the right amount of punch from the bass.
    • Blind Spot Camera: When signaling to change lanes or make a turn, a live camera view of your blind spot will activate on your touchscreen.
    • Sentry Mode Live Camera Access: Already live in the United States, we’re introducing our Sentry Mode Live Camera Access feature for the rest of North America and the majority of Europe. This feature allows you to view the live feed from the Autopilot cameras directly on your Tesla app.
    • Comfort Suspension when in Autopilot: For Model S and Model X fitted with adaptive suspension, this new mode automatically adjusts air suspension to its “Comfort” setting, perfect for highway cruising.
    • Cold Weather Improvements: For even more convenience, cold-weather features can now be activated via the Tesla app or center touchscreen at a lower state of charge, allowing you to access features like cabin preconditioning and heated charge port when you may need them most.

      For every Model 3 and Model Y, we’ve also added automatic seat heater functionality: first-row seat heaters will automatically adjust based upon cabin conditions and climate control settings.

    Given the volume of change in this release, Tesla even provides a quick tutorial to help existing owners understand where options and controls have now moved.

    After having got software update 2021.44.25.2 this morning, I have put together a walkthrough video of what’s new, as well as some driving on autopilot and Navigate on Autopilot to spot any changes that don’t make their way into the release notes.

    You can check out the video below and Merry Christmas Tesla owners (and future Tesla owners). Software Updates are a huge part of the new ownership experience in modern vehicles and no other automaker has been able to execute as Tesla has.

    Since recording the video, I’ve spent some more time in the car and learnt a couple of extra things about the V11 software update.

    Tesla also lined up the S, 3, X and Y vehicles to showcase the new Light Show feature.

    One final surprise from Tesla was the news that they were sharing a GitHub project that would allow those developer types to get creative and build their own customised light show for their Tesla’s. This really opens the door to many possibilities like businesses creating custom promotions, or every event like Easter, Birthdays etc having their own Light Show.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
    Creator of techAU, Jason has spent the dozen+ years covering technology in Australia and around the world. Bringing a background in multimedia and passion for technology to the job, Cartwright delivers detailed product reviews, event coverage and industry news on a daily basis. Disclaimer: Tesla Shareholder from 20/01/2021

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