Westinghouse shows off a 34” curved monitor, partners with Netflix for 4KTV


Westinghouse may be a brand name you relate more to dishwashers and washing machines in Australia, but in America, they also make displays. Their first curved display is a gaming focused monitor that’s a massive 34” in size. Beside it sat a 4K TV, which was very deliberately flat.

Westinghouse believes that a curved display makes sense when aiming for immersion, like when playing games and for an individual, but doesn’t for a family TV in the lounge room. I agree. There really hasn’t been great justification from other curved display makers other than.. he we could, so we did.

The 34” monitor features 3440×1440 resolution at 60Hz, a refresh rate not achieved by a lot of display pushing that many pixels. The quality was stunning, only for the lack of seats at this CES display did I not sit down and spend an hour there.

As for their 4K offering, they’re display comes in almost a crazy range of sizes between 42” and 85”. They also cheated by playing videos of puppies. The biggest question to date with 4K displays has been the one of content sources and thankfully Westinghouse has a partnership with Netflix which is an app on the TV that comes pre-installed. Netflix offers a premium tier that provides a growing catalog of 4K content, so while this isn’t problem solved, it’s the best answer a display maker has had so far.

As Netflix is due for release in Australia in just a couple of months, including the 4K option, it’s possible we could see Westinghouse enter the Australian market now they have a content story to tell.


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