WEY X EV concept with level 5 autonomy shown at Shanghai Auto Show

China, like Australia and many other parts of the world, love their SUVs and at the Shanghai Auto Show, WEY is showing off a new concept SUV that looks the business.

WEY is the premium brand of Haval, a sub-brand of Great Wall Motors. The car is part of their Vision 2025 concept and features an impressive design and styling and if it ever hits the road, will be a full electric drive train.

The doors open to welcome passengers with no B pillar, making entry and exit from the vehicle simple. The wheels are almost entirely enclosed to assist in optimising range but it’s perhaps the technology ambitions that is the most impressive aspect of the car.

WEY are aiming for level 5 autonomy, which means the car could drive itself without the need for human intervention. The timeframe for the industry to reach this milestone is yet to be firmed up, but is expected to land between 2021 and 2025.

There’s still a wheel and pedals in there for some manual driving should you need or want to, but come 2025, maybe we won’t need to.

In an almost industry standard now in 2019, the door handles retract into the vehicle, again increasing range with a reduction in drag.

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