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Starting at 9AM yesterday morning, Ford Australia’s 24hr hackathon got underway. As we approach the 24 hour mark where the hacking stops, it’s worth taking a look at the progress so far. Ford have released two videos of developers hard at work.

You’ll spot plenty of software simulations, even the  dreaded TDK hardware simulation box. What’s great is that Ford had multiple AppLink compatible vehicles on-hand for developers to full test their new creations.

Right now the teams should be finalising their pitches ahead of judges and media arriving at 8.30am. At 9.00 the 24 hour countdown clock will reach zero and the hackathon will be over.

The team from MYOB are there who have their own API and are also blogging their Hackathon journey over at http://myobapi.tumblr.com/post/67818615414/ford-australia-hack-a-thon-live-blog.

If you want to stay up to date with the run to the end, make sure you watch #FordHackAU on twitter. We’ll have another post when the winners of the $10,000 worth of prizes are announced at 10.55am today.

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