Windows 11 Updates now gives you restart time estimates, nice one Microsoft

When the first build of Windows 11 first shipped, there was plenty of exploration of the new interface and features that Microsoft had delivered. Now they’re shipping the first update to the build and we discover something new.

The Windows 11 restart and shut down options, now have a very handy estimate on the time required to restart (and perform the update). This has historically been a complete mystery, so restarting your computer, with pending Windows Updates, was simply a roll of the deice.

If you happened to hit restart ahead of a meeting, then you weren’t sure if you were in for a 2 minute, or 20-minute wait. While this subtle change may not seem like much, it really goes a long way to improve the usability of Windows and helps users have confidence that they could apply a pending update during a restart cycle and be back up and running within a reasonable timeframe.

Nice work Microsoft, let’s have more of this kind of improvements thankyou.

Who knows, maybe you’ll let select multiple applications for uninstall, click go and have them all removed, that’d be nice. Or actually have dialog boxes launch on the same monitor as your mouse, which happens to be usually where your focus and attention is, not simply the default monitor you have configured, or the screen the position the application last rememberd.

Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwright
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