Zero Latency clocks up 500,000 game plays

Zero Latency is the Aussie-born, now international success story that is the global leader in free-roam, multiplayer VR entertainments. The service has now unlocked an impressive milestone, half a million game plays across its global network of 19 venues.

While the metrics flood in from happy players across the globe, amazingly the magic number happened back here at home, where it all began back in 2015, at the company’s North Melbourne venue.

“Half a million game plays is a significant milestone, and it’s exciting to see such a large number of people, from different countries, enjoying our unique social experiences. It’s even more exciting that the milestone was reached at the Melbourne venue, where it all started. It’s also great for our licensed partners, and it reinforces us as the premier free-roam, multiplayer VR package, and the only globally tried-and-tested free-roam VR platform”

Tim Ruse, CEO of Zero Latency.

Zero Latency’s concept is deeply immersive. Equipped with virtual reality headsets, headphones, microphones, military-styled backpacks and a replica weapon (for shooter games), players move freely around an empty warehouse: but what they see and hear are hyper realistic, mind blowing, virtually-generated worlds, where all their movements are replicated in game. Players see each other as full-motion avatars and can warn, strategise and banter with their mates in games designed for groups of friends, families, parties and corporates.

There’s a range of free-roam, multiplayer VR games featuring heart racing zombie attacks, galaxy space missions and fun adventures. Every play through is a unique experience with success measured by both a personal score and a team score.

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