Zoomo and DoorDash Launch Dedicated Rider Hub, Elevating Rider Experience for Food Delivery Couriers

    Zoomo offers electric transport options and has announced a partnership with DoorDash and the launch of Dasher Central.

    Dasher Central is a lounge for riders, designed to enhance the rider experience for food and convenience delivery riders and couriers who operate in Melbourne CBD.

    Situated within Zoomo’s Melbourne store, Dasher Central provides a space for delivery riders to access facilities, charge devices, and take a break.

    This partnership aims to provide a secure environment for riders to rejuvenate, connect, and rest and connect with fellow riders. The Dasher Central hub will operate from Monday to Saturday during store hours and features a range of facilities, including phone charging, free coffee and dedicated seating for riders to relax in between orders.

    The unique advantage of having the hub within a Zoomo store is immediate access to high-quality safety equipment, such as compliant delivery bags and high-vis jackets provided by DoorDash, secure rear racks and a range of helmets. The dedicated retail staff at Zoomo are available to educate riders on the best practices related to gear and equipment.

    In addition to Dasher Central, DoorDash and Zoomo are collaborating on various initiatives to enhance rider safety, encompassing safety gear development, distribution of safety equipment for riders, ongoing educational content on bike safety, in-person safety events, free bike safety checks, free Dasher safety gear, and exclusive e-bike discounts.

    Furthermore, the partnership has seen the rollout of over 150 DoorDash branded e-bikes at discounted rates, providing Dashers with a safe and cost-effective option to transition to sustainable vehicles.

    Recognising that delivering food and essential goods is crucial for the vibrant pulse of Melbourne’s CBD, it is important to empower delivery riders to feel safe and respected, encompassing every element of their role—from the vehicles they navigate to the gear they rely on, all the way to the spaces where they recharge and regroup.

    From day one of Zoomo we have focused on serving the rider and the launch of Dasher Central, coupled with our ongoing partnership with DoorDash, exemplifies this commitment.

    Together we are setting the stage for a safe and more equitable food delivery ecosystem.

    Jules Flynn, Chief Operating Officer, Zoomo

    Empowering Dashers with their own space to rest, recharge, and connect stands at the heart of our pledge to nurture and invest in local communities.

    Through our valued partnership with Zoomo, we not only ensure Dashers have access to secure and dependable equipment but also support them pre- and post-deliveries.

    These steps underscore our ongoing dedication to enhancing the Dasher experience, acknowledging their pivotal role in shaping and sustaining our city’s vibrancy.

    Puji Fernando, General Manager, DoorDash Australia

    Dasher Central is located at 277 Queensberry St, Melbourne VIC 3000.

    For more information about Zoomo and DoorDash’s ongoing partnership, please visit: 

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