Zuckerberg announces Rift Quest at OC5, wireless 6DoF + controllers

Facebook-owned Oculus have just announced a new product, Oculus Quest. 

Zuckerberg says the goal is to deliver a VR platform that can sustain itself and that means a device that’s easy and convenient to use, that will build to having more than 100 million users. 

Oculus Quest is said to deliver similar experiences to the Rift (translation: better quality than the Go), offering the freedom of being a wireless headset. It comes with 2 hand controllers and 6 degrees of freedom to track those controllers. That means there’s no need for USB sensors to track your motions in VR.

The cost of the Quest will be US$399.00 (a quick translation provides some insight into what it may cost in Australia: $549.58 + GST = $604.54). They’re committing to a US release of Spring 2019, which is Q2 next year. 

This now makes the company’s VR hardware offering to a range of 3 devices. The Quest is not a replacement for the wired Rift, instead it lands in the middle of the lineup. The cabled offering still offers some visual advantages over Quest. 

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