10 referrals secured. Your move Elon.

Earlier this month, I wrote about Tesla’s referral program and the case for FSD to be added as a referral bonus. After getting a reply from Elon, I set about getting more referrals.

On June 9th, I proposed a deal to Elon. Reach 10 referrals and see if he’d unlock Full-self driving (all the cool bits). Today, on Elon Musk’s birthday, I have now reached the 10 referrals referred in the earlier post. At the time he replied ‘Will consider’.

Your move Elon.

Are you buying a Tesla? Please use our unique referral link for 1,500km of free Supercharging – https://ts.la/jason45054

While referral links can be used to order a Model X or Model S, Australian recently got the chance to order the Tesla Model 3, so my guess is, most of these orders are for the newest Tesla.

The value of the Model 3 in Australia between A$71K and A$118k, averaging it at close to A$100,000 per vehicle seemed fair. This means I’ve helped Tesla to the better part of a million dollars in sales revenue.

The referral program right now offers 1,500km per referral which translates to 15,000km of free supercharging. This is an important number as it matches the average distance traveled by cars in Australia each year. Being able to drive for free for a year is amazing, but it is important to remember the previous referral program.

The previous referral program which ended before the Model 3 went on sale in Aus, was 7,500km per referral which would have been 75,000km of free driving, or 5 years of free driving.

Some have suggested that Tesla can’t afford to offer FSD in exchange for 10+ referrals. This is not giving away free Roadsters.

Given the Model 3 already includes HW3, the actual cost to Tesla would be the value of R&D effort that Tesla wants to attribute to each vehicle. While margins are tight, there should definitely be enough revenue from $1M in sales to cover the cost.

This suggestion is simply a software unlock that rewards Tesla superfans by enabling the latest in Tesla technology. Those who are able to secure 10 or more referrals are also likely people who will share their experiences with FSD.

It’s a solid bet these will be positive stories, helping Tesla (who still has no traditional marketing) sell more people on buying a Tesla. It’ll also help with the overall mission of getting more people into electric vehicles and to accelerating the transition to sustainable transport.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has used my referral link, I’m amazingly appreciative and if you ever have any questions you want answered about the Model 3, let me know.

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  1. you didn’t help them get any sales, the purchasers just did you a favour and used your referral link when they purchased.

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