360 Fly create brilliant TVC about Trump’s ridiculous wall


    Potential US President, Donald Trump has made many references throughout his campaign, to building his MASSIVE wall to keep out Mexicans who illegally cross the border. Anyone with a shred of common sense understand the concept is incredibly flawed and to highlight the ridiculousness of the idea, 360 Fly have created a fantastic video showcasing the very real, very easy ways around the wall, regardless of how many billions it’d cost to build.

    360 Fly make cameras that film in 360 degrees to ensure you capture the whole experience, not just that in the direction you point the camera lens. The ad features their latest 4K edition and does so cheekily, to capture the Mexicans who’ve dug a tunnel under the wall, who’ve strapped on a jet pack and flown over the wall, all behind Trump. In a world of focus-group tested, formulaic, uninteresting advertising, it is kind of great to see a company work their product into an ad sport with this much creativity.


    360fly Global CEO, Peter Adderton says they deliberately chose one of the most controversial topics and was advised by a number of media agencies they should not touch this issue. Fortunately he had enough balls to ignore that and go for it anyway. Adderton went on to say that by being funny, being humorous, they believe it will increase brand recognition quickly.

    The ad was obviously a little too saucy for Americans as it was banned by US networks including ABC, NBC and CBS, thanks to the wonders of the internet, millions will see this.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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