A XAML C# developer’s guide to Build 2015


Microsoft has just published the session list for this year’s Build developer conference which starts in just over a day from now at the Moscone Center, San Francisco. The 17 pages of events is extensive as you’d imagine it would be for a company this size with an increasing platform scope and spans Azure, IoT, Office, Windows 10, Visual Studio, Cortana, even Surface Hub.

The choice of which development language has always been a contentious issue, not helped by Microsoft’s fleeting support for things like Silverlight. Now there’s the big question about the future of WPF being raised. If you’re a developer building apps for Windows, Windows Phone or soon the Xbox One, you really have two choices. HTML5 and Javascript or XAML and C#, I chose the later.

One of the biggest indications of direction for Microsoft is their support documentation and code samples and for the most part, it seems they’re putting XAML and C# first. With a  new version of Visual Studio (2015) due for release soon, the ability to literally write once and have an app that runs on 3 or more platforms will finally be a reality.

There’s a lot of changes coming for developers when Windows 10 arrives later this year, ranging between updating to the new UI controls, to restructuring the way universal apps work. Build will be an important milestone in getting developers ready for this transition. What isn’t listed in the schedule is anything relating to the much hyped, augmented reality wireless headset, HoloLens – something developers are very keen to get hold of.


Below is a list of my selections for XAML and C# developers at this year’s Build on top of the keynote at the start of each day. Of course if you could clone yourself in the next day or so, that’d be most helpful.

What’s New in XAML for Universal Windows Apps 

Lora Heiny, Joe Stegman

The Universal Windows Platform provides developers with a real opportunity to create meaningful, familiar, and tailored apps that run across a wide set of device families. To help with that, XAML UI took a big step forward in Windows 10 with new controls and new features to simplify tailoring app…


Data Binding: Boost Your Apps’ Performance Through New Enhancements to XAML Data Binding

Sam Spencer, Chipalo Street

So you’re an MVVM developer you say? You like your Binding statements? Learn the improvements in Windows 10 to the story of data binding in XAML in this session. This will be a deep-dive in understanding the new performance improvements to compiled binding statements in the platform.


Design: UX Patterns and Responsive Techniques for Universal Windows Apps

Jeff Arnold, Lora Heiny, Carmen Zlateff

Jeff and Carmen will discuss some of the key advantages and interaction features of creating an app on the Universal Windows Platform. Along with fewer publishing restrictions and a shared code base, you’ll enjoy greater design flexibility, including new interactive and visual elements that can…


Surface Hub: Building Windows Universal Apps for Surface Hub and the Large Screen

James Fiduccia, Eric Flo, Robin Goldstein, Roberto Sonnino

In this session you’ll get to meet Surface Hub, learn how to optimize for screens as large as 84” at 4K resolution and design for the human element involved in large-screen collaboration. We’ll explore the inputs and sensors available on the Surface Hub, talk about best practices for ensuring…


From the Small Screen to the Big Screen: Building Universal Windows App Experiences with XAML

Lora Heiny, Tim Heuer, Harini Kannan

Windows runs on millions of devices around the world from Raspberry Pi to 10-foot console experiences in Xbox and everything in between. Let us show you how the Windows native UI platform enables you to write common code that spans these screens allowing you to deliver adaptive and tailored…


XAML Performance: Techniques for Maximizing Universal Windows App Experiences Built with XAML

Mark Alcazar, Lora Heiny, Kiran Kumar

Finding the balance between being a productive developer and delivering the absolute best end-user performance experience can be a challenge. In Windows 10, there have been dramatic performance/experience improvements in XAML as needed to meet the performance requirements of premium experiences…


Moving to the Universal Windows Platform: Porting an App from Windows 8.1 XAML or Windows Phone Silverlight to Windows 10

Lora Heiny, Sam Jarawan

Do you have a Windows 8.1 or Silverlight app today? Want to take advantage of moving to a single code base and delivering your app with ease on to multiple Windows devices? Come learn about porting strategies of moving your existing code to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) for Windows 10…


New XAML Tools in Visual Studio 2015

Unni Ravindranathan

Visual Studio 2015 is an exciting new release for developers building any kind of XAML app – be that a Windows universal app or a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) app. In this session, learn about some of its new capabilities including the re-designed Blend experience, UI debugging tools and…


Designing and Developing the Ultimate Windows App Experience

Rob Cameron, Lora Heiny, Lynnette Reed

Lynnette and Rob will walk you through a premium sample app built on the new Universal Windows Platform. They’ll demonstrate how the sample app’s UI model and user experience translates on each device family (phone, tablet, PC, Xbox One, Surface Hub), and they’ll showcase the capabilities of the…


Keynotes and select sessions will be streamed live at http://channel9.msdn.com/

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