Adobe offers Creative Suite 3 Design on subscription to Australians only

    Adobe CS3 subscription

    Adobe are testing the waters with an offering of their Creative Suite 3 Design Premium software as a subscription service in the Australian market.

    “Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium Subscription Edition is available to customers in Australia. The box price of AU$129 includes your first month of subscription service. Subscription pricing is AU$129 per month for a 12-month contract, and AU$199 a month on an ad hoc basis.”

    I believe we’ll see this model become more common in the next few years from major software developers. It’s an inviting prospect to have an annual revenue stream from consumers rather than the sporadic once off purchases of the traditional model. The new subscription model should also bring greater flexibility, allowing consumers who need the software to purchase for a specific task and duration.

    For example if you have a 3 month project, it’d be great to pay the monthly rate for the required 3 months. Then when the project ends, simply end the subscription, resulting in a decreased cost for users, while an increase in flexibility should spur additional use of the software.

    Adobe’s subscription model allows for this flexibility but attracts a premium price – AU$199. If you sign up to 12 months, the cost is reduced to AU$129 per month. This equates to AU$1,548 for 12 months, while buying the product outright costs AU$3,205.

    If your planning on getting more than 2 years out of the software, then my advice is to stick with the stand purchase, but if your after less than that, consider the subscription.

    Adobe CS3 subscription

    Thanks to Richard for the heads up.

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