Alan Wake 2… Is NOT Alan Wake 2?

December 10, 2011. Culver City, California.

This was the date and location that played host to the annual Spike TV Video Game Awards. In addition, however — and, perhaps more importantly, this was the date and location that saw the official unveiling of the next installment in Xbox hero Alan Wake’s on-screen adventure. After much anticipation and teasing, it’s here: Wake fans, welcome to your very own American Nightmare…

Since Alan Wake’s release in 2010, fans of the game have been craving for a second helping of their favourite torch-wielding, shadow-fighting writer. Earlier this year, almost twelve months after the game was introduced to the world, Remedy Games (the brains behind Alan Wake’s development) confirmed that their was “more Wake to come”. From that point on, rumours flew around like nobody’s business. To cut a medium-sized story short, however, speculation finally led to confirmation — and fans were ecstatic when hearing news of what was to come: Yes, there was a second Wake installment “in the works”. No: This release was not a full-fledged game, but rather an “independent release”.

The result of all these whispers, teasers and rumours? Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. As with its predecessor, this release has been developed by Remedy and published by Microsoft Studios. In addition, if die-hard fans haven’t left their favourite chair since the “first” game’s release, they’ll be pleased to know that they can stay seated — because American Nightmare is being published in the Xbox Live Arcade for download-upon-purchase obtainment.
Of course, for those of you who are interested in what AWAM’s storyline may entail, don’t sweat it: I’ve got you covered.
Alan is, once again, thrown into a world of darkness that refuses to set him free. Go figure. However, this time around, instead of fighting his way through a relentless wave of darkness-possessed woodcutters and loggers, he is pursued by what appears to be his darker (no pun intended. Honestly.), violent alter-ego: Mr. Scratch. Although the debut trailer for this release doesn’t give much away, I couldn’t help but notice that Alan will have all new locations to explore, all new weapons to play with and all new characters to be introduced to — see for yourself. For those of you who haven’t viewed the trailer, take a peek at it below.

Don’t be fooled, however, AWAM is not a sequel to Alan Wake — it is merely an “expansion of the Alan Wake universe”. A side story, if you will. Irrespective, it appears that Remedy are confident that they are giving Wake fans (myself included) a solid second installment to the “series”, and it will certainly be interesting to see if this release lives up to the hype.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is set to hit the Xbox Live Arcade early next year.

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