Anti-drone group just reached their goal on Indiegogo


    There’s no question that drone usage is exploding, not only in the consumer space, but in commercial, military and even law enforcement. Some people in society see the benefits of deploying an unmanned aircraft is cost, time, repetitive tasks and more. Others focus on the potential downsides of drones being deployed and their impact on privacy.

    An American group by the name of DroneShield have just surpassed their $3,500 goal on crowd funding site Indiegogo. Right now the project is designed to detect auditory drone signatures submitted by the community and alert you when one is in your area. The accuracy of this proposed technology is questionable at best.

    I am concerned at the direction that this is heading in. It’s not a big leap to imagine the tin foiled hat wearing group members modifying their objectives to actually take down drones. Regardless of your views the project is funded and set to go ahead.

    More @ Indiegogo via Reddit

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