Apple is planning to supersede the iPad Mini, already.

Amid rumours and speculation surrounding Apple ‘s October 23rd Media Event, The iPad Mini was unveiled to the world.

Now, it appears as though a second iteration is already in the works.

A report from SlashGear details that AU Optronics, one of the bodies which supplies Apple with panels for the current iPad Mini, are expecting “to begin 2048 x 1536, 7.9-inch displays by the second half of 2013”, and with an apparent pixel density of 324 PPI, you could certainly slap a Retina badge on that.

Arguably the biggest criticism that the iPad Mini has received since its release is the fact that it is sans Retina Display, although it is said that Apple chose to take this approach because it allowed application developers to deploy their projects without worrying about display discrepancies between the original iPad and its smaller counterpart. Having said this, doubling the current resolution of the iPad Mini would ensure that applications developed for Retina look fantastic, too.

While it seems that Apple’s annual product refresh cycle is set to continue, we want to know whether adding a Retina display to the iPad Mini would persuade you to make the purchase– assuming you’re considering owning one, of course…

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