Aussie Broadband launches Carbon, NBN business connections in minutes

Getting your business locations connected to the NBN can often be a lengthy, drawn-out process involving dozens of emails, phone calls and appointments to physically meet contractors. Aussie Broadband is looking to change all that, with a new platform called Carbon.

Launching today, Carbon will allow businesses, enterprise, and managed service providers to turn on connections at NBN-serviced locations within minutes, at the click of a button.

This system was built entirely in-house by Aussie Broadband’s development team, who also developed the award-winning MyAussie app.

The platform was launched in an online live stream event today.  This included talks from industry experts at Aussie Broadband, NBN and Cisco, which provided the Meraki Platform for the project.

Managing Director Phillip Britt believes the platform will be a game-changer in the industry.

“This is a masterpiece of innovation and software that makes it easy for anyone to sign up for business telco services

Ultimately, Carbon will enable someone to turn on a service at any location where NBN has been before – and it will happen within minutes, whereas previously it would typically take months to order a service.

Carbon will change how MSPs and IT Managers manage their business NBN services. It will allow businesses to order, configure and activate their enterprise services all in one place within a self-serve online portal.

We believe we are the first telecommunications company in Australia ever to do this to this level.”

Managing Director Phillip Britt

Aussie Broadband already provides online sign-up for enterprise NBN customers, but Carbon significantly extends this service to include more functionality and a much bigger scale. 

“Businesses will be able to purchase and customise their products and services online, including internet services, data centre connections, phone systems, MPLS networks, SD-WAN networks, and more.

This means that enterprise clients can now build and custom-tailor their own MPLS and SD-WAN networks using the portal.

It allows managed service providers to build tailored solutions for their customers and directly link services back to their own cloud platforms, which will provide unprecedented levels of customisation and control.

They’ll also be able to apply customer configurations to their services within seconds, as well as take advantage of single-click tests and diagnostics, real-time monitoring of bandwidth and data use, and centralised notifications, billing and support.

And yet another benefit is transparency – business customers will be able to see the plans and prices of all products on the portal.”

Managing Director Phillip Britt

The provision of new services often involves a lot of manual intervention by humans, so for Aussie Broadband to largely automate this process, shows a dramatic improvement.

There are times where the connection of new services is incredibly time critical and having access to rapidly deploy new internet services will be very inviting for business.

It’s always great to see businesses finding efficiencies like this, to make their business leaner and to make the experience better for customers.

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“We are very excited to partner with Aussie Broadband for the launch of the Carbon Business Platform.

This is based on a Cisco validated design for Meraki Platform on the NBN.

We are always looking to help our partners solve real customer problems with the Meraki platform, leveraging industry leading automation. Aussie Broadband’s new online business platform will completely streamline your entire ICT operation to better support your business. We truly believe that this new product will revolutionise how business connectivity is managed.”

Dimitri Polydorou, Meraki Global SP & Channel SE Director, Cisco Meraki.

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