BMW iX all-electric SUV now available to reserve in Australia for A$500, delivery late 2021

One of the biggest complaints about EVs, is there simply isn’t enough to chose from. This means any new model coming to Australia is big news and thankfully today, BMW’s iX is now available to reserve in Australia.

Due to arrive in late 2021, the iX is an all-electric SUV, capable of 600km of range (claimed), and features a 0-100k/hr tim of under 5 seconds thanks to more than 370kW of power.

When it comes to recharging, the iX supports charge rates of up to 200kW meaning you can go from 10% to 80% charge in less than 40 minutes.

It’s great to see big, premium brands like BMW starting to get serious about EVs and the iX looks to build on what they learned from the i3 and deliver a modern electric SUV that’s competitive on the spec sheet.

BMW have that distinctive kidney grill up front which isn’t everyone’s taste, what they do have on offer is loads of storage and given SUVs are the most popular vehicle category (along with utes), another entrant in the Australian market will certainly be welcome for sustainably transporting families.

Personally I love what BMW are trying with the interior, it’s substantially different than anything else we’ve seen before. This shift from ICE vehicles to EVs is a challenge for automakers, but can be seen as an opportunity to rethink what we expect from vehicles in the next decade.

You can reserve your BMW iX at for A$500. Unfortunately we don’t yet have a price tag for the iX, something that will arrive closer to release, as reservation holders get invited to design their vehicle and select options.

Given the range and performance figures, the capacity of the battery will be substantial, don’t expect this to pulling into your driveway for less than A$100,000.

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Jason Cartwright
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