BYD Dolphin opens registrations of interest in Australia, likely to be our cheapest EV yet

    One of the biggest criticisms of Electric Vehicles is their up-front purchase price and the BYD Dolphin is very likely to become Australia’s cheapest EV.

    Today, BYD updated their website to allow you to register your interest at

    Having potential customers register for the vehicle will allow BYD to gauge demand and plan deliveries accordingly. As we know, Australia’s demand for EVs is increasing, accounting for 7.7% of new vehicle sales last month, but a cheaper offering may see that number grow considerably.

    The BYD Dolphin is an electric hatchback first released in China in December 2022. It is based on BYD’s e-platform 3.0 architecture and is available in two variants: Standard Range and Extended Range. There is no confirmation on which specs will be delivered in Australia, but here’s what we know about international variants.

    The Standard Range Dolphin has a 44.9 kWh battery pack and a range of 340 kilometres (210 miles) on the WLTP cycle. The Extended Range Dolphin has a 60.48 kWh battery pack and a range of 427 kilometres (265 miles) on the WLTP cycle.

    Both variants are powered by a single electric motor that produces 150 kW (204 horsepower) and 310 Nm (228 lb-ft) of torque. The Dolphin can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour (62 miles per hour) in 7.5 seconds.

    The Dolphin has a 12.8″ digital instrument cluster and a 10.25″ touchscreen infotainment system. It also has a number of advanced driver assistance features, including adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and automatic emergency braking.

    In a Facebook post, regarding the registrations going live, they include a video that showcases the date of June 22nd, indicating the local order page for the vehicle will go live next Thursday.

    The BYD Dolphin is priced starting at 129,900 yuan (US$19,500) in China. Converting that number to Australian dollars, we’d be looking at just A$28,819.15. Of course, we need to add sales tax, delivery charges, registration and stamp duty in most states, so expect this to be in the $30k-$40k bracket.

    It will be interesting to see how aggressive BYD get with pricing, which is likely to be a reflection of how many units they can secure for delivery to Australia when the world’s demand for EVs is growing.

    As cheap as this could be, it is important to remember, this is a smaller car, and won’t suit everyone, that said, it is fantastic to see EV options at more price points, particularly lower ones that will mean they’re available as a next vehicle reality to more families.

    Here is a table of the specifications for the BYD Dolphin:

    SpecificationStandard RangeExtended Range
    Battery capacity44.9 kWh60.48 kWh
    Range340 kilometers (210 miles)427 kilometers (265 miles)
    Motor power150 kW (204 horsepower)150 kW (204 horsepower)
    Motor torque310 Nm (228 lb-ft)310 Nm (228 lb-ft)
    0-100 km/h acceleration7.5 seconds7.5 seconds
    Price129,900 yuan (US$19,500)149,900 yuan (US$22,500)
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    Jason Cartwright
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    1. Are you sure the base model Dolphin will have a 150kw motor? Most other countries like NZ have the base model Dolphin with a 70kw motor and smaller alloy wheels.

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