Catch of the day’s 7th birthday is tomorrow, real bargains


Tomorrow discount site Catch of the Day will celebrate their 7th birthday party by teaming up with Visa. To get the discount deals, you’ll need to have a V.Me account. Basically this is Visa’s answer to PayPal and works in the same way at check out, when supported by the site. Obviously being late to the game, doesn’t yet have widespread support, but it’s promotions like this that will encourage use.

While many online retails have a ‘sale’ most are tiny percentages off regular pricing and commonly fail to live up to the hype. This time it looks like the discounts are the real deal. Here’s a list of the best items and prices on offer. There are limited quantities, so you’ll need to get in quick to secure these bargains.

  • Western Digital 1TB external HDD for $39 +PH (1000 units)
  • iPad mini 16GB WiFi only for $149 +PH (400 units)
  • Gopro Hero3: Silver Edition just $149 +PH (400 units)
  • GTAV for Xbox 360 or PS3 for $39 +PH (1000 units)
  • Google Nexus 7 (2nd gen) for $149 +PH (400 units)
  • Apple TV for $39 +PH (500 units)
  • Sandisk MicroSD 32GB for $5 +PH (1000 units)
  • Sennheiser MX 471 Earphones for only $1 + PH (1000 units)


You can check out and participate at

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