Dell gets customer service wrong, very very wrong. – update1

    Dell customer service

    As you would have seen in my previous post, I’ve ordered a new XPS 420 from Dell. Since placing the order, I’ve had nothing but hassles.

    What should have been delivered in 7-10 working days, I’m now having to wait over a month. Amazingly Dell have run out of the popular Nvidia 8800GT graphics card and won’t be getting any more until March. Interestingly Dell still have this 8800GT as an option on their website.

    Please take the time to read the email conversation with Dell here.

    I’m posting this now, as my last email to Dell, expressing my complete dissatisfaction with their customer service, was sent a day and a half ago, with no response.

    Whilst I respect 95% of Dell orders probably go ahead without a hitch, if your in the 5% or so that has problems, then statistics like that don’t. It’s only when things go off the rails that the true character of a companies customer service is truly tested.

    In my experience, Dell fails badly.

    I’ve received further communication from Dell. The XPS 420 should now be here this week either Wednesday or Thursday. Finally some progress.
    To read the latest email updates – click here

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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