Dell XPS Duo 12 and XPS One 27 coming to Australia in October

    Dell Windows 8 devices coming to Australia

    The recent IFA conference in Europe showcased an enormous amount of upcoming devices. Think of it as the 2nd CES for the year. Dell were at that conference to show off some new hardware  the Dell XPS Duo 10 Win RT Tablet, the XPS Duo 12 convertible ultrabook and the XPS One 27 All-in-one PC.

    As technology fans the new lineup of Dell products looked interesting, but as with most international announcements, there was no Aussie details. We’ll this afternoon Dell confirmed via their Australian Facebook page that 2/3 would be arriving in Australia in October.

    Hot off the press: the new XPS Duo 12 Convertible Ultrabook and XPS One 27 all-in-one computer were unveiled at the IFA conference in Berlin last week. They’ll be released in Australia late October along with Win8.

    No idea why the XPS 10 Win RT tablet is not coming to Aus (at least not yet), but I sure am keen to get hands on with that 27”. The XPS brand for Dell has been their premium top end line, so don’t expect these to be the bargain basement prices we’re used to from Dell.

    Stay tuned as we hope to get review units, particularly to see how well that merry-go-round convertible works.

    For more info, head to Dell’s official blog.

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