DJI just announced the most insane commercial drone, the Matrice 300 RTK, can take 2 people to fly

    Overnight, DJI officially announced the DJI MATRICE 300 RTK. This is not your grandmas’ drone.

    Designed specifically for the commercial market, the Matrice 300 RTK is massive in size, at 810×670×430 mm when unfolded and that’s before the props go on. Sure, it folds a little smaller, but this size hints at the massive capabilities of the drone.

    The drone features a massive 55-minute flight time and can carry up to 2.7kg. In sport mode, it can move at 23 metres per second. What’s even more impressive is the ability to fly this drone from as much as 15km away.

    So, what can you do with all those specs? Well, there are so many possibilities here. Clearly, from the launch video, DJI is expecting plenty of use from agriculture, mining, utilities, and even police and emergency services. I’d be very surprised if the defense force is not placing orders today.

    This drone can have as many as 3 gimbals attached to it, carrying cameras or payloads and is perfect for repeatable tasks like inspecting power lines.

    The device can handle up to 65,535 waypoints which enable you to set multiple actions for one or more payloads. Flightpath planning is also optimized to maximize flexibility and efficiency for your missions. There’s a replicable battery system that allows you to hot-swap without actually turning off the drone which is something brand new we’ve never seen in a Phantom.

    “For our teams working in the oil & gas industry, performance and safety are not optional. We cannot compromise on our pursuit of utilizing the best and most efficient tools available.

    The DJI Matrice 300 RTK proves to be an ideal upgrade over the existing DJI product line, and it helps us to further enhance the benefits of our drone programs. Our productive partnership with DJI will continue to help elevate safety in the world’s largest industry.”

    Adam Serblowski, Robotics Theme Lead at Shell.

    DJI Zenmuse H20 Series  All the Sensors You Need – in One

    DJI has unveiled completely new camera payloads that radically improve mission efficiency. The Zenmuse H20 series offers DJI’s first ever Hybrid multi-sensor solution, allowing to capture any kind of images for industrial applications and public safety missions where efficient time management and immediate access to multiple layers of visions are paramount. The H20 Series is IP44 rated which protects enclosures from splashes of water from any direction.

    The H20 series comes in two versions: The H20, a triple sensor with a 20MP, 23x Hybrid Optical Zoom Camera, a 12MP Wide Camera, and a Laser Range Finder covering distances from 3m-1200m; and the H20T, a quad sensor which adds a 640×512 Radiometric Thermal Camera, allowing operators to see what is invisible to the human eye thanks to high thermal sensitivity a 30 fps video definition.

    Price and Availability

    Don’t expect this to be cheap, this is basically the best drone tech available right now, so we’re talking many, many thousands of dollars. The DJI M300 RTK and Zenmuse H20 series are available for pre-order from DJI Authorized Enterprise Dealers starting today.

    Pricing and shipping will also be available through DJI Authorized Enterprise Dealers. For the list of enterprise dealers in Australia, visit

    Now for the insane introduction clip that I’ve seen in quite a while.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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