EV Ultra-Fast charging is coming to another important Hume Hwy servo

The route between our major metro and regional locations regularly involves the Hume Highway. The 880km stretch of road is littered with legacy service stations, but EV charging remains few and far between.

If we take a journey between Melbourne and Wodonga, you’ll have the option to stop in at Euroa and easily make it to your destination in almost every EV on the market.

With more charging locations along the route, it gives families more flexibility in choosing where they stop to recharge their car and their bodies.

Today it was revealed that a new EV fast charging location is coming to the Avenel Roadhouse. The listing on Plugshare names the charging provider as Evie Networks and will have 2 chargers with both CCS and CHAdeMO charging. There are currently no customer photos, however the location is listed as ‘coming soon’.

This stop is located at 54 Jones St, Avenel Victoria. This places the stop at 129km from Melbourne, 196km from Wodonga and 38km from Euroa where competing charging network Chargefox has 2x 350kW and 2x50kW chargers. Tesla also has 6x Superchargers located a few kms down the road.

This recent Tweet from Evie Networks is for a different location, but does show their use of the Tritium Australia ultrafast charger with the dual connectors.

The Avenel location offers a lot of parking, especially for trucks, as well as toilets, a restaurant and a Caltex service station. This makes it a great location for charging; however, I’d still like to see EV charging locations near Wangaratta and Seymour to fill in the Victorian Hume Hwy options.

The location map on Evie Networks’ website actually lists Seymour as an upcoming location. Assuming this didn’t get switched to this new Avenel location (only 16km down the road), that really would help shrink the maximum distance between chargers to under 150km.

Eventually most service stations will ultimately offer charging for electric vehicles as the world continues to migrate away from fossil fuels and moves to more sustainable power sources.

Many charging locations also include solar arrays and batteries to ensure the power provided comes from renewable energy. Those that draw from the grid may also use grid power that is sourced from wind, hyrdo or solar farms for the same reason.

If you own an EV, having multiple charging apps can be annoying, but completely doable, each charger is clearly labelled, so it’s easy enough to select the relevant app and charging costs will be deducted from your attached account.

Given this digital distribution of energy and payment, charging operates 24/7.

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