Finally there’s a Bluetooth showerhead


Have you ever been showering with music on and been disappointed with the bathroom acoustics. Well now instead of that glass barrier stopping the soundwaves, you can take your music with you into the shower. Meet the Kohler Moxie, a showerhead and wireless speaker. The waterproof speaker capsule slides into in the showerhead pairs with any Bluetooth-enabled device to deliver hours of music, news, podcasts, audio books, and more.

While it’s streaming music, the 60 angled nozzles still deliver the full, enveloping coverage you’ve come to expect from a showerhead. The Bluetooth range is impressive, connecting with devices up to 32 feet away, meaning you could play music from basically anywhere in your house. This is particularly useful if you have to get read during a live event, just stream the audio to the shower.

To charge the Moxie, just disconnect it from the shower head and connect via USB cable. Of course they also come in multiple colours (Navy Blue, Chartreuse, Retro Blue, Cherry Red and Original White), apparently to suit your mood, but I think more likely to match your bathroom.


The Kohler Moxie Showerhead comes in a variety of finishes starting at US$149.25 on Amazon. Hey nobody said it was cheap to drown out your terrible singing. Check out the video from Lowes in the US of this piece of bathroom magic.

More info @ Kohler

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